Writer and journalist Pete Wu calls himself a banana: Chinese on the outside ('yellow') and Dutch on the inside ('white'). In the three-part documentary series Pete and the Bananas, he explores the most beautiful thing there is: love. But there's one thing. For a 'banana' other data rules apply: they are in between two often clashing cultures. The Chinese culture of their parents and the Dutch in which they grew up. Along with other 'bananas', Pete discusses his own uncertainties about the prevailing Western beauty ideals and the fetishization of East Asians. He also runs into walls, for example with the racist request "No Asians" that he encounters on dating profiles.

His search takes Pete past the psychologist, brides, sex operators and photo models. And he goes on a date with another Chinese-Dutch boy for the first time to see if that changes something in his image of love. How do expectations and rules affect his dating life? And what if you as a 'banana' cannot meet either?


3 x 20 minutes

My role

Director, cameraman, editor, designer



The Netherlands


Year of production

2019 - 2020





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