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Please Hate Me is an intimate portrait of the first generation of 'hatewatch influencers' who use online hate as a road to fame and fortune.


Online hate is an extremely fast-growing phenomenon. Hate comments, threats and discrimination have exploded in recent years. But what exactly is our fascination with hatred? Gossip and backbiting are of all times, but social media has created a perfect platform to instigate and encourage hatred. And since algorithms allow hate comments to score better than positive reactions, a growing number of influencers seize the opportunity.


Especially in a world where people are increasingly looking for recognition, appreciation and fame, negative attention seems to have become a better option than no attention at all. But what is it like to be young, famous and hated? How can you use online hate to your advantage? And how far will you go with this? Please Hate Me dives into a world where hatred is commodified and dislikes are worth more than likes.


45 minutes

My role

Director, scenarist



The Netherlands


Year of production




Videoland by RTL

Production house

Totem Media

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The documentary film can be watched on


© 2023 Willem Timmers

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