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What if a parallel universe truly exists? This idea forms the starting point of The Other Side of Town, an observing documentary in which two villages are portrayed that are namesakes. Bakel in Senegal and Bakel in The Netherlands, however, gradually seem to have a lot more in common than only their name. By mirroring analogous lives of a myriad of villagers in both Bakels, chance is put to the ultimate test.

In The Other Side of Town we enter a microcosm that bathes in nostalgia: two sleepy villages that slowly awaken in the dawn of globalization, the great march of civilization. While some villagers entrain the train of modern day, others stick to their nostalgic ideas of what the village once was. And precisely through the constant comparisons it also reveals a universal portrait of humankind, playing with clichés and filled with paradoxes.


52 minutes

My role

Director, screenwriter & researcher


Film locations

Senegal & the Netherlands


Year of production

2016 - 2018



Omroep Brabant, Dutch Cultural Media Fund, VSBfonds, Brabantse Beauties


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This is the teaser of the film.

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For more information about the film, a presskit and screenings, check

These are a couple of stills from the film.

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